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Project Management

Many municipalities and businesses experience water problems and they can be complex and frustrating issues. Element Water Systems Project Management services offer an expert on  your side, which helps transition technical knowledge to plain language, provides strategic client-centred advice which can help reduce overall project costs. Helping businesses and communities get their water systems back up and running is an incredibly rewarding part of Element`s  business. Contact Element Water Systems today if you could use an expert on your side.

Equipment Maintenance & Repairs

Regardless of the type of water system you have, sooner or later, they all require maintenance to run efficiently and smoothly. Element Water Systems specializes in the maintenance and repair needs of a wide variety of water treatment technologies. Element Water Systems offers repair and maintenance services on an as needed basis or within a service contract to assist with budgeting for upkeep and maintenance costs. Contact Element Water Systems today and take the guesswork out of finding someone to maintain and repair your water system.


Mechanical Installation

With a strong background installing water treatment systems in small and medium sized municipalities, farms and remote locations Element Water Systems is quickly becoming a service partner of choice in Western Canada. The Element Water Systems team can quickly identify your source water issues, provide options tailored to your budget and needs, and implement a system that will have you, "happy with the water". Contact Element Water Systems today and take the first step towards cleaner, environmentally responsible water.

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