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Ultraviolet Disinfection

Simple, Effective Disinfection

Ultraviolet Sterilizers are a very effective means of water disinfection, providing exceptional results for Bacteria, Cryptosporidium, Giardia Lamblia and most virus species.  A UV light "dosage" is applied to water as it passes through the UV reactor, which alters the DNA of the pathogens and renders them unable to reproduce or "inactivated".

Element Water Systems is proud to partner with UV Pure Technologies, a premier supplier of ultraviolet disinfection technology. The UV Pure Technologies line has many unique features, which separate it from traditional UV technologies.

  • Patented crossfire technology maximizes bulb efficiency

  • Self cleaning system eliminates most of the maintenance inherent in convention UV systems

  • Ability to handle 50 grains of hardness, 3 ppm of iron and .5 ppm of Manganese

  • Easy lamp change-out

  • Able to treat water down to 50% UVT in potable water applications


For more information on the UV Pure Technologies product, click here to watch a video!


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