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Treatment Systems

Element Water Systems
Ozone Assisted Biofiltration

Municipal Systems

Tightening regulations have made it increasingly difficult for small to medium size communities to provide their residents with safe potable water. Element can customize a system which will be simple to operate, have low maintenance requirements and be environmentally responsible.

Our project management team will work with your community to provide a cost effective solution for your community. Contact Element Water to help assess your potable water situation.

Commercial - Agricultural Systems

Element Water Systems provides great solutions for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.   They are scalable for the size of your operation and customizable to your water quality.  Element will help improve your bottom line by ending the water issues that cost you money and time! Livestock will thrive on good water, improving production and reducing waterborne disease.  Clean water will improve the health of your livestock and produce more output for your operations! Contact Element Water Systems to find out how your operation can be more profitable!

Residential Systems

Element Water Systems are designed to deal with the rugged water found on many farms and rural areas on the prairies. These systems are easy to use, require low maintenance, and are proven to succeed in creating clean water from either dugout or well water sources.  Element will work with you to create a system that works for your particular water issues and to build a system that is right for your home. Element systems are chemical free, making them a very environmentally responsible choice while they also reduce input costs! Our standard systems are 500 us gallons per day, and 1000 us gallons per day capacity. Contact Element Water Systems today to discuss your water problems.

OK, So how does it work?


Ozone assisted bio-filtration is a combination of some of the simplest, yet most effective water purification technologies.

Raw water is first introduced to dissolved ozone, a powerful oxidizer that will work to destroy pathogens and oxidize metals and organics. After oxidized, iron and manganese are easily filtered by the following biological system.

The heart of the system is based on biological slow sand technology, which uses a slow filter flow rate through a specialized media to establish a very effective filtration membrane, made up of biological matter and organisms. The "schmutzdecke" as it is called, will not only filter contaminants and pathogens, but consume them as well.

The biological carbon filter reduces organics, improves taste and odor, and provides further filtration for leftover contaminants.

Results can be stunning, with the system often producing clear, great tasting potable water from the toughest of water sources!


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